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Anglia Ruskin University London's Law Society recently had the honor of hosting Professor Bill Bowring as a distinguished guest on the "Future Peers" program. This exclusive event, held on November 27, offered members a unique opportunity to engage with Professor Bowring, a renowned expert in the field of human rights. The gathering provided a platform for sharing experiences, discussing achievements, and delving into the challenges faced in the pursuit of justice.

Professor Bill Bowring's Profile:

Professor Bill Bowring stands at the intersection of academia and legal practice, making significant contributions to human rights, minority rights, and Russian law. His extensive experience includes appearances in the European Court of Human Rights and advisory roles with prestigious international organizations such as the Council of Europe, European Union, OSCE, and the United Nations. He is also the author of "Who’s Who Legal Business and Corporate Responsibility in Russia."

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Insights Shared:

During the session, Professor Bowring illuminated key human rights cases, providing valuable insights into the complexities of the legal landscape. Some notable cases discussed included:

1. Korobov and others v Estonia:
   - Ethnic Russians ill-treated by Estonian police during the "Bronze Soldier" disturbances in 2007.
   - Violations of Article 3 (ill-treatment) and Article 3 (failure to investigate).

2. Ilgar Ibrahim oglu Allahverdiyev v Azerbaijan:
   - Unfair trial leading to a violation of Article 6.

3. Kotov v Russia:
   - Applicant lost savings through an unlawful act of a court-appointed liquidator following a bank’s insolvency.
   - Won in the Chamber, lost in the Grand Chamber.

4. Tsintsabadze v Georgia:
   - Death by hanging in prison leading to a violation of Article 2.

5. Tsarkov v Russia:
   - Violation of Article 5 concerning the applicant’s pre-trial detention.

6. Zdanoka v Latvia:
   - Addressed in both the Chamber and the Grand Chamber, highlighting the importance of the case.

Key Takeaways:

Professor Bowring also shared invaluable advice on mooting and representation, emphasising the importance of timelines when dealing with cases in the European Court of Human Rights. His guidance shed light on the practical aspects of navigating the legal landscape, offering Law Society members a deeper understanding of the challenges and responsibilities associated with human rights advocacy.

Anglia Ruskin University London's Law Society was privileged to host Professor Bill Bowring, whose wealth of experience and dedication to human rights provided an enriching and enlightening session for all attendees. The event not only deepened our understanding of complex legal issues but also inspired a renewed commitment to the pursuit of justice and human rights within the legal community.

As we continue to foster an environment of learning and engagement, the Law Society looks forward to hosting more such esteemed guests who contribute to the growth and development of our members.

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