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While we don’t have any halls of residence on Campus, we are able to direct students to private accommodation in Manchester City Centre and are able to provide students with a range of high-quality options.  There are many different types of Student Accommodation to suit every budget, style and preference. The main types of student accommodation consist of private student halls, house or flat shares, bedsits/studios and lodgings.

Selecting Accommodation

As the standard of private accommodation in Manchester varies widely, you should devote as much time as possible to visiting accommodation addresses and comparing facilities, locations and costs. Don't make accommodation arrangements by telephone or indirectly. Come to Manchester yourself and decide what is suitable for you and your budget. Do not enter into agreements or sign contracts without first inspecting the property yourself to see if you like it. 

Sources of Accommodation

There are many properties available within the Manchester area which range from private houses to private halls of residences. Organising this type of accommodation would mean contacting the landlord of the property to make arrangements. There are many third-party private accommodation sites to choose from and well-known letting agencies online that have a student accommodation section for you to consider. 

Housing Agreements

When you find a place that is suitable for your needs, we strongly recommend that you have a written agreement with your landlord, which gives details of his responsibilities and yours. Always take time to read agreements carefully before signing. Never sign anything that you do not understand. Seek advice from a solicitor, Citizens Advice Bureau, Students Union or the Student Services Staff. Signed agreements are legally binding documents and commit you to certain obligations for the period of the agreement. 

The Personal Touch

Rented accommodation will not be like home and will probably provide only basic furniture and furnishings. This is your opportunity to make the room your own by adding your personal touches. A few pictures, posters and photographs with a plant and duvet can make all the difference.

Council Tax

Council tax payments are based on properties and not on individuals. If all the tenants of a shared property are full-time students then the property is normally exempt from the Council Tax. Student Services operates a system in the Greater Manchester area where the information is submitted directly to the council on your behalf. 

Additional Costs

Responsibility for paying the gas, electricity and telephone bills will almost certainly be yours and you should bear these additional costs in mind when deciding the amount of rent you can afford. If you are sharing with others, it is always wise to discuss in advance how to save and pay for essential services. 

Further Information

You are strongly advised to seek individual advice from a solicitor, the Citizen's Advice Bureau, Housing Advice Services, Students’ Union or Student Services staff if you are in doubt about any aspects of private renting.

Citizen’s Advice Bureau –

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